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Basic Div Table Position

There are two basic div positions which are absolute and fixed.

Absolute: When you scroll down, the table no longer shows unless it’s very long. For example, take a look at my code blog. When you scroll down the description (at the top) no longer shows. Another example are post entries. They are set to absolute, so when you scroll, the post at the top is no longer visible unless you scroll back. 

Fixed: If you scroll the div stays there. It’s like it’s glued. For example, take a look at my theme blog. The three tables on the left are fixed. If you scroll they stay at the same position. 

Code: #div {position:fixed; width: 200px;}

In the example above the table would be fixed.

You can change it to absolute if you want.

Basically you need to put in position:STYLE; Replace “STYLE” with the position you want it to be, (ie position/fixed).

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