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Tumblr Follower Counter

Click here to generate a follower counter.

Follower Counters will display the according number of followers that you have on your blog. With this, you can use the button to your liking such as display it on your blog.

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Adding Overlays

Ever wonder how those people on Instagram add those interesting overlays to their photos like the one below? This tutorial will show you how users are able to do that. Keep on reading to find out!

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Okay so this is seriously the best. This is an application for Tumblr that blends in with the regular layout. Thanks to this app, I can create lists of blogs: as you can see, I’ve made three. One where I put blogs that only post black and white pictures, one where I have collected all the talented photographers I follow, and one with the ~20 blogs I reblog from most often.

If I click on one of my lists, I get to a dashboard that looks just like the regular one - but with posts from the blogs I’ve added in the list only! This makes blogging so. Much. Easier. You have no idea. It has no ads and it is free, of course.

Do you want this?

If so, here is how you get it too!

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Get Started"
  3. Sign up for the beta version!
  4. To be able to use the app, copy and paste this invitation code: 528d4ab44ad7b924090000e1
  5. Ta-daa! Now you can start creating lists of your own!

I don’t mean to spam or annoy you, I just really find Listr SO useful. And the more people I invite, the more lists I am able to make (this is because it is still a beta version). So, yeah! Win-win! :D 

If you feel like it, reblog so that more people will find out about this. I think MANY people have been waiting for an app like this, I sure was, haha. x

Falling Items For Your Blog

Disclaimer: These codes are not created by me nor do they belong to me. The creators of the codes are listed next to the item. These are just listed here for reference for those who want it on their blog. Enjoy.


I will be turning off my ask box on Monday afternoon so please get in your questions before then. When I will turn it back on is unknown, but it won’t be too long. Lately I’ve been receiving several messages asking for help, and as much as I would like to I have not been able to answer them due to time issues. With that said, I am trying to limit down my message count and try to answer as much as I can over the time I close down my ask box. Thank you.


Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I don’t help with personal alterations for your theme. Small and simple ones I will try to help you with and explain it, but I won’t tell you if you tell me that you want so and so and so done to your theme. This isn’t what this blog is for, or really what the messages are for. This blog is for you to learn and get experience with coding! Not for me to do the work! Haha. Anyways, you can always request single topics such as how to make a reblog button, or how to change borders, etc and I’ll try to make a post about it but other than that I don’t really personally help you change your theme. The reason behind this is because I don’t have time to singly help you out on multiple issues and each theme varies. This means each theme has different coding, and different names that the creator uses. If you’re really in need, please try experimenting with the code or googling. I hope you understand and I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Okay. Have a lovely day.

Before you leave me a message please:
  • check the selection list before asking. Be sure to check with google too! It might be on there, and I’m sure you probably want your “problem” to be solved asap!
  • be sure to SPECIFICALLY state your problem. Please don’t just say something like “help me with my problem” or “fix this please” I can’t help you off of that. I need more details in order to help you.
  • do not tell me to answer privately. I answer ALL my questions left on this blog privately unless I feel the need to publish it.

Thank you.

Questions About Fonts Will No Longer Be Answered

I am only taking font suggestions as of right now. All questions about how to install your font, download them, etc have already been answered in the tablets on the page. Please check the tabs before asking any questions. All questions about fonts will be ignored and linked to the page unless the information has not been listed on the page.

Hi so for the monochrome code, it seems to only work for single pictures and not gif sets or more than one picture, is there a way around this?

yes im actually working on finding a code on that but ive been really busy lately. once i do the find the code i will be sure to edit it into the monochrome post as well as make an update post about it. xx